KAAZ LSD Civic type R HeavyDuty EP3 / FD2 / FN2

£1,036.80 Inc. VAT


All new design with stronger internals to handle more load and absorb more shock (Rally use). With a slightly reduced clutch disc surface, smoother engagement along with reduced stress to transmission gears are realized.

1.5 Way

A 1.5-way limited-slip differential is the most common LSD upgrade option in performance and race cars. It is referred to as a 1.5-way because it functions under acceleration and to a lesser extent under deceleration. It provides differential locking characteristics under acceleration, maximizing power distribution to the wheels that need it most. Under deceleration, the 1.5-way LSD engages to assist in braking stability and smoother turn-in.

  • Race/ Rally Spec
  • 10 Plates for high power levels
  • 1.5 way
  • Fits cars equipped with factory LSD option
  • Speedo gear included
  • 2L Gear oil included


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