Thackeray dominates two-part first round at Cadwell Park

Dan Thackeray took a controlled first race win in the opening round of the 2022 Milltek Sport Civic Cup at Cadwell Park, staying out front in what was a two-part affair with Alfie Jeakins taking his first Production class win in the championship.


As the lights went out, Thackeray made a great start off the line to lead as George Alp-Williams and Alistair Camp had poor starts whilst Morgan Bailey pulled into the pits with a puncture at the end of the lap.

As Thackeray built his lead, he was pursued by Alfie Threlfall with polesitter Matt Luff in third place ahead of Ryan Bensley and Max Lewis. The bottom half of the top ten at the end of the first lap led by Will Redford in sixth, Max Edmundson, Harvey Caton, Brad Lane and Jordan Brennan with Camp in 13th place.

During the opening laps, Luff passed Threlfall for third place before the Zest Racecar Engineering EP3 drive locked up going into Park corner and slid straight on into the tyre barrier.

With the race red-flagged whilst barriers were repaired, the order at the end of the first part was Thackeray, Luff, Bensley, Max Lewis and Redford. Caton in sixth with Edmundson, Lane, Alp-Williams and Di Claudio.


With the barriers repaired and a six minute race declared for part two based on the finishing positions before the red flag was shown, Thackeray again made a good start and was ahead as Bensley managed to get past Luff for second place in the opening lap.

With Luff now in third, Max Lewis began applying pressure for the final podium position as Caton and Redford completed the top six ahead of Edmundson with Alp-Williams passing the Zest Race Car Engineering driver for seventh place.

Thackeray took his first win of the season ahead of Bensley with Max Lewis passing Luff for third place in the dying moments of the race, whilst Luff and Caton completed the top five. Redford, Alp-Williams, Edmundson, Lane and Will Di Claudio completed the top ten, putting the Pro Alloys Racing driver on pole position for race two.


Alfie Jeakins took his maiden win in the Production Class of 2022 Milltek Sport Civic Cup at Cadwell Park, where he managed to use the two part first race of the day to his advantage.

Pole sitter Dave Marshall made a great start to take the lead of the class as Loui Hounsell was passed both by teammate Alfie Jeakins and fellow Production runner Rhys Lewis going into Coppice on the opening lap.

As Marshall opened up his advantage ahead of Jeakins,. Hounsell began his fightback by re-passing the EPC of Lewis for third place as behind, Simon Welch and Mark Hughes completed the top six, before the red flag was shown.


With repairs made a six minute race declared for part two based on the finishing positions of part one, Marshall lined up on pole position again with Jeakins, Lewis Welch and Hughes taking the start.

Hounsell would not take part after breaking down at the end of the first part of the race.

Jeakins managed to get a better start than Marshall and duly stayed ahead in the Jeakins Race Preparation EP3 to take his maiden win in what is his debut in the championship, with Marshall taking second place ahead of Lewis and Welch.