Camp and Marshall take the wins in red-flagged opening encounter at Oulton Park

Alistair Camp took his third win of the season during the opening race at Oulton Park, however, the race was red flagged and declared as a full result after two complete laps due to an accident involving Jordan Brennan.

Dave Marshall took his second win of the season, after leading the Production class at the time of the red flag being called.

Cup Class

Camp took the lead from pole position to stay out front as behind, Jack Harding lost places after a poor getaway allowed both Morgan Bailey and Dan Thackeray to get ahead on the run into Old Hall.

Behind this lead quartet were Ryan Bensley, Matt Luff, Kinetic Motorsport duo Will Redford and Max Edmundson and the JWB Motorsport entry of Harvey Caton.

As the field entered the second lap, Camp maintained his lead ahead of Bailey as Harding re-passed Thackeray for third place, ahead of Bensley.

Luff, Redford, Edmundson and Caton completed the top ten before Jordan Brenan went straight on after the Knickerbrook chicane during lap three, causing the red flag to be called. Brennan was able to get free of the EP3 safely and was declared ok.

The final result saw Camp awarded the win, ahead of Bailey and Thackeray with Harding and Bensley completing the top five places. Matt Luff, Will Redford, Max Edmundson and Harvey Caton completed the top ten finishers.

Production Class

In the Production class, with the championship lead tied between Alfie Jeakins and Dave Marshall, it would be Marshall who would become the third winner of the class this season.

The Kinetic Motorsport FN2 driver lead Jeakins in his EP3 with Mark Hughes in third ahead of Loui Hounsell, who started from the back of the Production grid after receiving a post qualifying penalty.

The order remained the same when the race red flagged due to Jordan Brennan going off. Marshall was declared the winner, taking his first class in of the season, ahead of Jeakins with Mark Hughes taking his first class podium of the year ahead of Hounsell in fourth place.